The Hole
[After the Hole 2001]

The whole movie is about one girls obsession with another boy, and the lengths she goes to make him notice her. I know you have 'cliché' ringing about your ears already but this movie has managed to twist and contort itself to such extremes that it took me a while even to break it down that far.

First of all I saw the trailer, very deceiving, portraying the movie as some kind of teen slasher, with the deep voiced narrator telling of how they wanted to be in this 'hole' so much, yet after not long are desperate to get out. There was even the ubiquitous shot of a girl (liz) screaming as if some masked killer were about to chalk her onto the list of not so memorable movie deaths. But instead I can only think this trailer was done to try and draw the student and teen population into the cinema's to watch a much darker and more frightening movie.

Forget about the hole, the hole is unimportant. The movie could have easily been called 'the big wardrobe' or something foolish. It's not about the fact that these people are stuck in a hole, it only represents an unbreakable boundary holding them in, albeit a slightly spooky one. The real boundary is Liz's encapsulating herself in her own hole by being so fazed with this boy (mike) even to the extent that when her best friend is vomiting in the only disgusting toilet in the hole, right next to her, she doesn't notice and tries to strike up a conversation about how Mike is starting to notice her more.

Another thing I liked was the lack of twist in the movie. Wes Craven seems to write this book of movie rules after every one of good movies, and all his pioneering new idea's are fast turned into known and hated cliché's. That's what I think of all these slasher flicks thinking they have to have a 'twist'. There wasn't a clear twist in this movie, there was a gradual change of emphasis, guises of the same theme, but no 'oh it was only a dream'... or 'I'm your father Jessie' kind of twists.

About 8 people walked out near the end of this movie when I was watching it at the cinema. I can only guess it was because they expected to come and see a movie where pretty girls got stabbed and then died quickly and never seen again. Instead they had some truly gruesome deaths followed by sickening decay and rotting, and the decay of the living due to lack of water. And the most frightening thing about the movie was the fact that for one girl, it was all self imposed.

So if you want to see a pretty girl get stabbed go to watch another 'I know what you did last summer' sequel, but if you want a slightly disturbing psychological thriller then give this one a shot.